Canvas is the core of Jaguar which makes applying filters , drawing shapes and loading images from files or strings the warpper for all kinds of supported formats in Jaguar which are :

  • Jpeg : Support jpeg format
  • Png : Support png format
  • Gif : Support gif format
  • Gd : Support Gd2 format

Probably you will never need to deal directly with any of those formats but you will only deal with Canvas object which is smart enough to guess the right format for a given image file or image string . But if you want to declare the formate by your own you can do it is straightforward

Creating New Canvas

The folowing example demonstrates creating a png canvas (w=100,h=100) filled with red color


use Jaguar\Canvas,

// We want png canvas (by default png is the default format )
$canvas = new Canvas(
        new Dimension(100, 100)
        , Canvas::Format_PNG

$canvas->fill(new RGBColor(255))
           // save the canvas to the given path
   // send the canvas to browser

Output :


Loading Canvas From Files Or Strings

As you can see Jaguar’s canvas can create new image with no effort and also it can load images from files and string easily.

The following example will demonstrate loading images from a file.


use Jaguar\Canvas;

// No need to define the format
// canvas will make a guess for you
// and find the right format
$canvas = new Canvas('images/canvas-1.jpg');


Output :


Adding New Foramts

Canvas object is not limited to the current formats and it can be extended to support more by creating a new canvas which implements CanvasInterface or exteds the AbstractCanvas and a new format which implements the CanvasFactory

The following example demonstrates createing a new format called Foo


use Jaguar\AbstractCanvas,

 * Foo Format
class Foo extends AbstractCanvas

        protected function doLoadFromFile($file)
                //put your code here

        protected function doSave($path)
                //put your code here

        protected function getToStringProperties()
                return array();


 * Foo Format Factory
class FooFactory implements CanvasFactory

        public function getCanvas()
                return new Foo();

        public function getExtension($includeDot = true)
                return ($includeDot) ? '.foo' : 'foo';

        public function getMimeType()
                return 'image/foo';

        public function isSupported($file)
                // check if the Foo format can handle
                // the given file


/* add my new format to the canvas */
$canvas = new Canvas();
$canvas->addFactory('Foo', new FooFactory());


Output :

        [factory.jpeg] => Jaguar\Factory\JpegFactory Object()
        [factory.gif] => Jaguar\Factory\GifFactory Object()
        [factory.png] => Jaguar\Factory\PngFactory Object()
        [factory.gd2] => Jaguar\Factory\GdFactory Object()
        [Foo] => FooFactory Object()

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